DX7 Patch Editor

A WIMP interface to program Yamahas' DX7 Digital Programmable Algorithm Synthesizer via MIDI.

It runs on GNU/Linux and MacOS X with the TOAD C++ GUI Library. A mouse with a scroll wheel is recommended.

This stuff is still Alpha! Compilation of the sources may be a little bit tricky and requires a stable version of the the TOAD GUI Library (download).

The sources should compile on Debian and Mac OS X:
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On Mac OS X the program is hard-wired to the first MIDI interface found, on GNU/Linux the first argument must be a path to a raw MIDI device or a similar serial interface.

Please drop me a note when you need support.

Written 2006 by Mark-André Hopf, licensed under the GNU GPL version 2 (or 3 if you want).