Hellfire Festival 2009, Dark Sunday

My Dying Bride gave a fine performance at Hellfire's Dark Sunday and were setting the mood for the coming of The Nephilim.

Thankfully this time the Dawnrazors restrained themselves to bring in their infamous Nemo mascots. And the one MiniCarl brought with him had already turned into a lump of concentrated evil due to the mass of autographs those ruthless desperadoes had branded on him. Instead they behaved like real Nephilims, drank all the beer there was and left the rest of humanity starving.

And then the preacher and his men entered the stage to celebrate the feast of Samhain.

And those, who had the guts to turn their heads around, were able to see a few Nephilim in the audience.

But Hellfire only gave The Nephilim a time slot of one hour to celebrate and hence the Bonanzas were left a bit confused when the light was switched on again and hence they began to discuss the finer aspects of the works of H.P. Lovecraft, Aleister Crowley, Peter J. Carrol, Colin Wilson, the influence of Jazz on the original Nephilim, et cetera...

Meanwhile I headed back to London and fought myself through tons of Dr. Who and Star Wars merchandise at Forbidden Planet in an attempt to buy a Dark Man/Carl McCoy action figure.