London, Gotham 11 Festival

Saturday morning. Breakfast. I instantly discover packages of Marmite, which has been advertised as 'Zoon for toast'. My wife advises me against it even though the other Neph fan she knew and his family where quite into it.
And I couldn't see why I shouldn't like it. I am Neph fan too. And it looks like Grafschafter Goldsaft, a sugar beet syrup I knew from my childhood.
So I apply Marmite in large quantities to large quantities of bread...
A few seconds later I'm thinking: "GOD DAMIT! Is this the British sense of humour?"

If this stuff is 'Zoon for toast' then I'm quite happy that I'm not toast.

Gotham 11

The O2 Academy Islington, were Gotham 11 opens at 15:00, is a smaller venue for about 800 people.

15:30 while leaving the underground station Angel, a girl on the escalator comments on my Fields of the Nephilim T-Shirt. Love this place!

15:40 I arrive in time at Gotham 11 to attend Legion's last two or three songs. They are better here than on YouTube. And they were fun to watch.

Lahannya's drummer Belle (also Nosferatu) was magnificent. Actually, I was only listening to the drums.

During the break I got rid of my rucksack and ran into Angry Bob on the stairs.

Greenhaus was cute. Have to listen to more of their stuff.

Meanwhile Angry Bob began to wonder where everybody was. We decided to leave the premises for a while... and as we stepped out of the door, we were picked up by Andy. Chance? Magik at work! But naturally he tried to deny it.

Then he showed us the obvious: When you're near a concert and the Dawnrazors do not show up, where are they? In the nearest Whetherspoon of course! There the usual suspects where inhabiting three tables, doing the stuff they usually do. And there was more folk around than one would have suspected by looking at the Gotham 11 rollcall.
Frog had been brewing on something in his intestine which he was now happy to share with his friends. The friends, they were not happy. At first they tried to cope with it by making jokes. Then they ran.

Back at Gotham 11 an old lady gives me a thumbs up on my FotN t-shirt. Did I tell you that I love this city? ;)

After Rhombus the stage is prepared for The Eden House. Tony Pettitt appears amongst the Dawnrazors which also accompanied their earlier UK tour.
Frog nicks Tony's hat. There are lots of people on the stage now. Tony having a discussion with the ... . Simon Rippin checking the drums. And before I'm aware of it, we're already off into the first song.

The gig is absolutely how I expected it to be. The dream state is only interrupted from time to time when, in the corner or the eye, I see the Dawnrazor's performance during the Eden House gig.

(The photo above gives the false impression that Frog is standing on someone's shoulders. This is not true. Actually they are trying to pull the poor gas laden bastard down. An effort which was expertly coordinated by Rachie.)

Saturday. On two occasion when I tool a leak they had Dyson AirBlades inside the washroom. Now, contrary to Marmite, the Dyson Airblade is The Eden House for wet hands. Perfect.