TOAD & Fischland on Mac OS X

The proof of concept for the text editor looks good enough: One can move the cursor and select text but not modify it yet. Modifying is going to be another obstacle because I need an algorithm which handles nested tags and I want it to be able to operate on a subset of the text.

But now it's back to the non-affine transformations. This requires intersecting Bézier splines and the algorithm I (re-)invented for that some years ago for the flood fill algorithm didn't feel good enough. So I found the Bézier Clipping algorithm by T.W.Sederberg and T.Nishita but the end of their paper wasn't clear enough and neither it's implementation in Inkscape nor Andy Finnel's VectorBoolean were easy reads.

Much to my surprise I found it wonderfully implemented in a JavaScript library named Paper.js by Jürg Lehni and Jonathan Puckey. And I'm going to steal some more algorithms from their code like curve-line intersections, distance to curve or boundary of curves.

Now I wonder how long it will take me to squeeze an image into a Bézier deformation: