TOAD & Fischland on Mac OS X

No screenshots this time.

  • I've added a routine to subdivide a path using a raster. This is to approximate non-affine transformations of vector graphics the using the same strategy I used for bitmaps.
  • To get reduce the subdivisions and their artifacts after the transformation I've added Philip J. Schneider's FitCurve algorithm from Graphic Gems I, which is the same one as used by Paper.js and Xara Xtreme for Linux.

This feels like cheating. But the goal is still getting the architecture right, not finding the best algorithms.

Which is also why I'm putting the transformation stuff aside and began to implement a nib pen (aka. calligraphic brush). Basically it's an elliptical shape, influenced by pressure and rotation. Which means

  • I will have to store all these informations along with the path and
  • calculate the boundary of the brush sweep.

A convex hull algorithm and an union operation on paths should be sufficient to calculate the boundary. (Which means I'm also adding boolean path operations from Paper.js.)
My goal is to get a good emulation of Nikko's G-Pen nib, maybe even with a graphical representation of the pen itself so that one can see

  • how much pressure is applied to the nib and
  • what the zoom factor is.

I might be overdoing it but I do love putting lines down on paper with a physical pen. But then what happens afterwards, the occasional smearing or waiting for the ink to dry and the tedious ways to correct mistakes. I can live without those.