Athens 2010 - Video

Athens 2010

Fields of the Nephilim pre-gig warm up party at the Bat City Bar.

London, Gotham 11 Festival

Saturday morning. Breakfast. I instantly discover packages of Marmite, which has been advertised as 'Zoon for toast'. My wife advises me against it even though the other Neph fan she knew and his family where quite into it.

Hellfire Festival 2009, Dark Sunday

My Dying Bride gave a fine performance at Hellfire's Dark Sunday and were setting the mood for the coming of The Nephilim.

Fields of the Nephilim auf dem Amphi Festival 2009

Kurz nach 20 Uhr. Mit meinem alten FOTN T-Shirt stehe ich in einem Pulk weiterer. Einige Leute tragen Hüte.

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