Hello World

This program subclasses the class TMyWindow from TOAD's window class TWindow and displays it. The command g++ `toad-config --cxxflags --libs` hello.cc will compile the program.
// include declarations of TOAD basic classes
#include <toad.hh>
// use the TOAD namespace
using namespace toad;
// define a new window class, based on TWindow
class TMyWindow:
  public TWindow
    // typical constructor for windows
    TMyWindow(TWindow *parent, const string &title)
      :TWindow(parent, title) {}
    // define a new method to paint the windows content
    void paint() {
      // create a pen for this window and use it to...
      TPen pen(this);
      // ...draw a text at position (50, 50)
      pen.drawString(50, 50, "Hello World!!!");
// initialize TOAD, create window and enter the message loop
main(int argc, char **argv, char **envv)
  // initialize TOAD library
  toad::initialize(argc, argv, envv);
  // create window
  TMyWindow *window = new TMyWindow(0, "Hello World");
  // show window and handle user input until window is closed
  // the window has been closed so we dispose of the object
  delete window;
  // clean up TOAD
  return 0;