this site is being rennovated (replacing the drupal backend with custom code)
meanwhile you may have a look here github youtube
computer graphics of a band in the former luminaire
                along with a yamaha dx7 and fairlight c.m.i.
i discovered two samples in arturia's fairlight cmi v used by trevor horn in 'owner of a lonely heart', had to make a cover, then a proper video with blender, makehuman and chordata motion, not just a single picture of the fairlight 3 yello's boris blank sold on ebay, then a fairlight from pictures on the internet, then a music venue, picked the luminaire, where i've been only once for a the eden house gig in 2010, again from pictures on the internet, then a dx7iifd, from the one standing next to me, then began rewriting makehuman because i missed some features in the ui, decided to write the ui in typescript, needed to write a tree view for toad.js... did i mention that i'm also renovating this site? 😁

(we're not related to m.a.r.k.13 despite both loving cgi and m.a.r.k.13 - hardware.)